My 10 dream jobs

My 10 dream jobs

1 . doctor


3. engineer

4. scientist


5. dentist





8.  astronaut

9. neuro-surgeon

10. research about animal life


by anannya



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10 people I like to meet and one Question

10 people I will like to meet are

  1. – Steve Jobs
  2. – Neil Armstrong
  3. – Indira Gandhi
  4. -Winston Churchill
  5. – Abraham  Lincoln
  6. – Albert  Einstein
  7. -Alexander Graham Bell
  8. – Thomas Edison
  9. – Bill Gates
  10. – Mother Teresa

One Question

what motivated  you to accomplish your goal and how did you work to achieve it?

by anannya

5 a’s terry fox donation graph

in September they were excited about raising  money and-winning   so  they raised 45 bucks.   In October   it got low because the must have lost interest but later they must have got excited again and in the end raised 65 bucks and won!

reading over the weekends

I read a book called Geronimo Stilton and the Christmas toy factory and it is about when he dilvers presents all over the world .Because Santa is sick, with a help of an elf,Geronimo Stilton was  able to  deliver presents all over the world  and save a live but was this a dream or reality read it to find out!  : )

things I learned outside of school

I learn about things like I learn how to write in my Language and learn about my religion.

I learn about stuff at home  like about the post THING I FOUND ABOUT STUFF.

and the MUMMIES AND PYRAMIDS post  I use to go to a place where I learn math.

That is about it.


cool thing I found about stuff


A bird of paradise flower looks like the head of a bird

A snowdrop

they are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring.

Sometime they come out so early that there is still snow on the ground


they grow in hot and wet places.The smallest tpye of tree is a dwarfwillow

It grows as big as your finger!

The largest type of seed in the world is the coco-de-mer plam.It can weigh 50 pounds that is about thirty coconuts